Greetings and salutations brothers and sisters! Welcome to my blog. I have created this because it is only like the 50th blog i have started but never go back to or keep up with. Not this time. I pray this is the one i will stay motivated and hopefully truly become something that is imporant, useful, interesting or whatever to other people that they will visit regularly, interact with me and others who reply.. If any at all, and motivate me and who ever needs a push to press on and live their life they believe is the best one for them. I hope i am able to provide a place where truth, wisdom, knowledge, and whatever else i can do to spread positivty and change this world that has gone mad. I am so crazy right? I’m already hip! Really though, as far back as i can remember i’ve always been an open minded thinker. Sometimes i tend to get too deep literally no one can help me solve my problems. Like what problems you ask? Like what the hell is REALLY going on in this journey that we call life? How come there is only life on Earth “as far as we know”? Is there something much bigger than you and i could ever comprehend at the time? Is having faith in God a waste of time or exactly what we need to truly live in this world? Am i the only person who thinks of these things? Really, i have an infinate more questions that wrack my brain 24/7 and sometimes i think that i am truly losing my mind. I dont want to know EVERYTHING.. Well really i do but i would be completely content with knowing what the absolute truths that seem so ridicolous to even question and why any of us is here. Lets start with why I, Christina Dianne Moore is here, right now, at this time, in this place. Life is really a big guessing game because NO ONE really knows what all the truth about everything is. Some think they know and somehow gained power from this knowledge they think they have when really they either are completely wrong or using the truth in ways it was never intended to be used in a way that creates negativity. So where am i getting at? Who knows. I do know i started this blog because i love to write. I love to talk. I love to learn. I feel that i am here for a greater purpose i have yet to fully understand. But what i have discovered about my life and the signs that i have seen with my own two eyes and felt in my heart, i think i am right. I know i am not the only one in the world who feels this way. Anyone else? Do share! Does everyone have a special purpose? Probably! We are all meant to do something. This may sound harsh but some peoples purpose is minor, some are major. Some people figure out their purpose, some people dont. There are even some that have no clue that they have one or they are in denial that we all are here for a reason none the less. According to my calculations and a ton of doubt in myself and disbelief of the situation in itself, i am here to talk to whoever that will talk back to me to figure out what we need to be doing. I am here to tell you the truth that has been brought to my attention. Truth i did not ask for, it just was inetivable for me to know. How do i know its the truth? I dont. But i have faith in a higher power that is in control of everything. This is just entry #1. There is soooo much i could tell you about so many different things! Even before i actually thought, hey my life is so weird and unbelievable, i felt deep down that i simply was not cut from the same crop as everyone else. I thought i was a loser. Ha! Turns out im a winner! I am blessed and highly favored! I am so much smarter and wiser i give myself credit for. God has a plan. Whether we believe this or not, it is in motion. The day will come that ALL eyes WILL see all that we know is a lie and what seemed so ficticous and impossible was infact the truth. I am not bragging nor am i trying to make you believe what i believe. First of all i didnt choose to be this way, its in my nature. I feel completely insane most of the time bc i dont know why i feel or know the things that i do. But it feels right and has been proved to me in many ways that is undeniable. I feel like i need to tell somebody. I feel like i am here to change the name of the game era we are currently in. I am here to bring new light that has always been in existance, its just been covered. Yeah, its way more than i ever expected myself to be doing. I am such a laid back easy going person who tends to keep to themselves but gets along with anyone i ever meet. The enemies i do have hate me because i proved them wrong or i refuse to give them what they want. But mostly my enemies hate me because they too know that i have great purpose. We all can live this way though! We have to take to time to really sit down and out all we have ever encountered into perspective. We are at the end of an era that has been going on for so long the majority doesnt even realize there is a bigger picture. This is it. The time is now. All that we know will one day will be flipped upside down. Some of us will make it, majority will not. As a matter of fact, there wont be near as many people who will make it as there will be people who get left behind. So while there is still time i have made it my life duty to reach out to whomever it may concern. It may not be anyone at all or it may be more than i could ever imagine. That is a question that is still pending the answer. Starting is always so hard to do. Especially for me, i most always never finish. I claim to never have time to sit and write and study and research the wonders of the world. Well, it is that that truly makes me happy and i have decided that i will find the time from now on because from what i see and how things are going, the time is near. I must not waste anymore of it because i wont know when its too late until it.. Whatever is supossed to be happens.

Am i sounding pyshcopath right now or am i hitting home for you? Tell me! Do elaborate.

I am not perfect and right now i am working with my cell phone and i just bought a keyboard for my tablet so some of what i say may have grammical errors and what not. Please excuse me. I am trying to not make mistakes, but i am human. All that i say is real whether spelled right or wrong.

Maaan oh man, i pray this is the way for me and what i am truly suposed to do with my life. I dont want to be rich for famous. I want to be happy and useful. I dont care if you like me or believe what i say. Its real to me and what is meant to be WILL BE.

I guess we will see…. Til next time i ramble on about only God knows what is next lolScreenshot_2015-02-14-01-50-58


Author: Southern Sunshyne

Christina Servant of Yahweh Lee Day is my wonderwall. 7/Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius 3(0) Nothing matters to me but helping anyone with knowing God and/or getting ready for Yeshuas return! as crazy as it may seem.. its crazy you're not crazy too!

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