Blount class of 67, Blount screaming testifying the Word of Jah, and blount blowin’

My hero, 31 years young told her tale of how it finally hit her how He is real. Shes my hero because l she is kicking cancers ass. But story the world tells is fictitious. Everyone should take note. Eden heard a man yelling on a bull horn or intercom. Something instantly came over her to put her shoes on to see whats up. He was preaching the Word.. thats when it hit her. Jah is real. More real than anything that this world has to offer. Gloty to Him because he is the Creator. She is battling cancer and i dont understand myself where that came from…but Father only gives his strongest children to his toughest soldiers.  He can do anything.  And you are his special Creation. We never get out because aint nobody got time for the danger and evil going on in the world. We went to Mardi Gras. It’s kinda like a special reunion of many events like Jeff coming to town from Colorado and Lee and I meetimg each other again and us being together for 3 years! My mom graduated high school in 1967. So my point is, that’s 3 blunt instances, 3 is Yah and he is.sending signs to his childen to rise! Eden and Lee have been friends for awhile. Jeff and Lee went to Mardi Gras the day i met them at Bumpers.  Lee a girl named Ashley had a conversation about Yah this day surrounding seeing Jeff. The people in our life, people in our tribe will keep showing up until everyone wakes up.  Everyone has one. Who is in your tribe? 


    Author: Southern Sunshyne

    Christina Servant of Yahweh Lee Day is my wonderwall. 7/Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius 3(0) Nothing matters to me but helping anyone with knowing God and/or getting ready for Yeshuas return! as crazy as it may seem.. its crazy you're not crazy too!

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