What is above is below and other stuff you dont even bout much know. So here ill show you about two that do everything together even match down to the sweater (if he didnt love her, he would never have ever) but shes unashamed, truth she claims,  here to restore the original game. Stuck in the midst of the wicked, blind and lame. A love story completely insane. But forever it will last, so we visited those of the past (could hear the whispers ‘free at last ‘). Was a blasty blast til we met Riley. Love at first sight was felt precisely. Only can be explained by Godspeed. True love indeed. Yah, music and weed her  top 3. He is perfect and all she ever wanted and she found another dying breed. Both possessing a seed to bring back the real peace. Confidence is an adjective of the least.  With our Savior we will feast. Straight from the dirty South heat. Day Squad down with King whose Mode constant beast. You go hard, well this is what it looks to go concrete. 🕉🔯☯🆙 


Author: Southern Sunshyne

Christina Servant of Yahweh Lee Day is my wonderwall. 7/Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius 3(1) Nothing matters to me but helping anyone with knowing God and/or getting ready for Yeshuas return! as crazy as it may seem.. its crazy you're not crazy too!

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