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As you know or you are now about to learn, I am on a quest to figure out networking and become a successful writer and/or artist. I can’t decide which one thing I have I want to focus on (I am a writer, artist, and wish to be rapper) so I try to juggle all 3. ADHD at its finest right!? But nothing has happened. Yet.

The other day I found this app called Mirakee and ever since then I have been gaining followers and attention to my pages. Cool. My Instagram has been pretty popular since about May or June last year when I became a member of Strange Music. A few people signed to their label or works for the company added me so I suppose association played a role in that. Always. You need to know someone and have money to succeed? But what about the people who go viral over stupid shit? Or simply dancing to the same song that everyone else is doing (which I do like from time to time) I am out here speaking truth and wanting everyone to be happy and free. For real. I believe in God who believes in me in which I believe in YOU.

Upleap asked me what my Instagram was about. I am long winded most of the time so this is what I said:

My Instagram is a glimpse of the life of a spiritual gangster. I am a writer who also loves music and picture taking. I’ve always been a black sheep when it came to pretty much any and everything. I’ve never really fit in with anyone, especially religious people. Most find it hard to believe I would have issues at all because I am so happy and positive majority of the time, but truth of the matter is, the darkness has been more than a 30 year old woman of God should experience. Well I guess that is MY outlook and its not about me. It’s about being ready when the day comes when life will reset and be restored. There are so many excuses and tales about this situation and it seems no one really wants to talk about it more less be REAL about it. The times have changed, we are in a new era and this time history went be repeating itself. “For something in your days is taking place you would not believe when you hear about it.” Habakkuk 1:5 I actually don’t base my entire life by the bible but it IS the LIVING word. So when I need it, it’s there for me. I know I am here to show anyone who comes across my path what it looks like when you give the glory to God and how all I really do is believe 100% and trust he guides my path. Everything after that becomes easier. The time is now. Aside from that which is my full time job. I have yet to make my career in the arts work. But I have nothing but faith. Welcome to the life of a Spritual Gangst3r

I will manifest the truth. My truth.


Author: Southern Sunshyne

Christina Servant of Yahweh Lee Day is my wonderwall. 7/Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius 3(0) Nothing matters to me but helping anyone with knowing God and/or getting ready for Yeshuas return! as crazy as it may seem.. its crazy you're not crazy too!

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