Late/Early Epiphany

Calling all Tribe members, friends, foes, family, and everyone else I need your help! It has been placed on my heart that I should ask all those who listen and want to be part of something beyond the flesh to help me write a book. I do not have all the details because this post is the beginning of what I believe could potentially be one of the greatest works of literature of our lifetime.

Topics can be but not limited to: be what God means to you. Why you believe in God. Your best God moment. What puzzles you about God and what you’re doing about it. A crazy belief you have that you KNOW is the truth but everyone just doesnt know it yet. Make one up! But you get the picture!

If you want in, comment or DM me 🙂


Author: Southern Sunshyne

Christina Servant of Yahweh Lee Day is my wonderwall. 7/Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius 3(0) Nothing matters to me but helping anyone with knowing God and/or getting ready for Yeshuas return! as crazy as it may seem.. its crazy you're not crazy too!

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