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On my 116 biz

I have been trying to network like crazy. No I haven’t made any money. No I haven’t found anybody to join acorn with me. But yes, I was retweeted and reposted today. I’ve been gaining more followers on Mirakee and Lyf which both are super cool apps but legit no one I know has them. Why is it so hard to be successful and do what I want to do. Money. People having boring interests lol

Anywho. #bloglife

When things add up for you. Literally

Ever since I could remember, I have been absolutely terrible at math. It’s too hard and just never clicked in my head. But I do love to read..God I love to read and write. About 3 years ago I grew bored with reading and had a random thought that maybe numbers meant something. This thought wasn’t completely abstract because about 2 years before that, the last time I tripped on acid for a good part of that trip I saw numbers all around me. I could move them and mix them. It was insane. I didn’t understand what it meant at the time but now I do… everything adds up. It may not add up according to your life and will, but in the end your numbers add into the bigger picture.
Ever wonder how and why horoscopes are made? And usually you relate (if you dont you may either be born on a cusp or which ever horoscope you read was written in error ) numbers .
Ever wonder how psychics are real (if you think they are not, guess again) ? Numbers…. sometimes… that’s a different post… but willing to bet the psychic is aware of the power of numbers .
Before I researched anything I decided to write out what the numbers would mean if anything at all. When I got to #9 I felt like that was it…even though I believe several other numbers like 12,19 33,40, 47, 74,77, 360, 720, and 144000 have significance too (they do) but 1 thru 9 is the key.

No, literally its the key.

I researched what I got and yall… I was right.


I surprise myself sometimes with the things I think of and or create. This can’t be normal how deeply and profoundly I think about stuff.

And that day was the day I started to go all the way crazy 😆😂 I kid about it, but now that I have been enlightened by such ancient esoteric knowledge what should I do with it? I only can see like every thing and anything I want I guess. A friend said “if you look hard enough you will find what you are seeking” true. But this shit right here has yet to fail me or anyone else I have done a reading for. I am at 100% at being able to read numbers efficiently.

Of course I tested myself and made sure I knew what I was taking about because I represent truth and I am here to shut the fakes, false, and negative away. Not cater to it.

So on that note, let me read your numbers !!! I do it free of charge but the person I read for usually ends up giving me a gift or donation because they know I am in a constant cycle of financial instability… but not forever.. the time has come I stop being a broke 30 year old college graduate with real work ethic.

If you wanna chance me and donate before , I will immediately do your reading and get it to you within 12 hours unless otherwise stated by me. My husband started a fund for me and the goal is a $1. I haven’t made my goal yet. Will you chance $1 and your time to get the answers and clarity your soul yearns for? I got your back.

Acorns are cooler than you think

If you are on social media then I know you have seen the sponsored ads for Acorn and Stash. I’ve seriously wasted my money on stupider things so I decided to invest on $5 acorn and $15 on stash (was recommend so I can have my investments in 3 different places). Im still trying to figure out what’s going on but in one day my $5 on Acorn is now $116 i could cash out and like $30 pending and on stash I can cash out $29 but each investment had a different break down that was pending so I’ll let you know how that goes if anything exciting happens.

One might think i woild do anything for a dollar, but the truth is I am just trying to get money so i can find my dreams since the people who do that like to fund people who have no right motives or intentions on changing the world for the good. I am not being judgemental… the truth is in all of our faces and I choose to do what is right.

So if you have $5… pleeease check out acorn. They have a thing where you refer 5 people and go in the pot to share $100,000! Ends April 30. Gotta be in it to win it. an investment that could change your life


So for about a week I have been doing Guardian Angel card readings for myself at least once a day and sometimes for a few other people. I have seriously been at a point in my life I am so ready to be who God made me to be and I truly WANT to do it. I am obsessed with God. I love God. Call me crazy…but at you crazy because you don’t see or understand why I feel the way I do?

So today being the 19th my 30.3th anniversary birthday I decided to remix how I usually pull the cards. I will post a pic to display what I did rather than explain. Well, I opened it to Jeremiah 32 and 33. Usually when I just open the bible it goes to that. And I randomly put a card in the Bible and i ended up placing it at John 16 and it’s Jesus talking to the disciples the whole time of the day that was to come he wouldn’t be there anymore and the covenant needed and would be restored.

My first 2 cards were 2 card I pulled yesterday and my friend and Lee pulled one of them too!! They basically were telling me that I know who I am so be it 24/7 I got this. Yes. Yes indeed I have divine work to do. The card I put in John was so crazy for the fact the words whole and complete was mentioned and Jesus =7=complete John 16 (1+6) =7

Also fun part about that, right before the readings I got mail I received 3 books The New Covenant, seven prophetic signs before Jesus returns , and forgiveness is possible.

I wanted share my story because hopefully it could enlighten 1 person. Just one and them to step up and out and make their future better than their past. Ball is in your court. Also. There are no words to describe how awesome it feels and know that I am a partaker of the Divine world and they are all here with me and the people i love. Lee and my friend I mentioned before both just pulled cards while I was writing this and guess what ? Lee pulled the same card he did yesterday and Jill pulled 4 cards … all the same.

You make memories, we out here making testimonies. Living proof. I’m on my 116 biz.

Social Networking

Incase you truly dig what I have to say… here are all the places I am located. I pray everyday for progression in my success to be able to capture an audience I can interact with and also grow with to build an empire that is unbreakable because our faith is from the Divine nature. And we listen to trap music singing holy holy holy

Perspective of Accountability

To be
The woman who
Was predestined by yah
To change the entire world
Even though the odds seem unlikely
But at this point nothing could stop
Anything this particular goddess has in store for you
Trust me, she doesn’t want to, but she will
Only because the time is now or never
Shes tried running from this, but can’t
Defintely found out the hard way
But now she knows now
Who she really is
I am she
I am

All this
Bullshit called life
Man fucked it up
They’re wretches saved by grace
I know this seems dark
But I represent truth, my life duty
One of many all along the divine watchtower
Waiting for it to go down as written
I begged and refused, I constantly stay confused
But I trust in the Highest God-
The one who created it all
Kicking, crawling, screaming I’ll go
No sign to relent
Til He has
It all


I wrote this with the line scheme 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1