Dont know what to call it

Rambles from a messanger of God stuck in Alabama.

I already know that if i actually start getting people to read my blog, and people are going to tell me how they feel about it, which i will get negative feed back, i may or may not entertain it, but its not going to stop me from continuing to push forward because i also know that i will eventually engage an audience that have felt like they are unworthy or could never fit the “part” or live the way Christians believe is “Acceptable to God.” I am a new creation of Christ -2 Corinthians 4:4

My subject matters will be mostly about God because quite frankly its the only thing i truly love or care about. I have views and beleifs the norm do not have and dismiss it. I am G7Disciple. The streets is my stomping ground, but was raised in Suberbia and very educated with a college degree. Gangster is my mentality. i am just coexisting with everything because i love everything except Sin, Liars, racism, and Kodak Black. After that…. i am open minded.

I also have recently finally accepted that i do posses special gifts that i can help people with. Free of charge. Its fun and a blessing to be able to help anyone who needs a friend or help them sort themselves out!

Check me out on other social medias and if you do need to contact me about ANYTHING, try me. I am confident we can manifiest some amazing things for yourself and I too am looking on insight for networking, metaphysical areas, rocks, crystals, chakras, wtf is going on with all the new planets, and how to know what your hertiage is without paying  $$$ and i am into … man ill post a blog about this later. Here are all the ways to contact me!