Trying to understand my Fathers Plan. My purpose and association to man. Where exactly is this promised land? Jehovah im your biggest fan! 

seeking the great I am. I write these words…Hope only to be heard ..By the one who is invisible, the silence is killing me but to lose faith would be …absurd.  He that is the one puts flight in every bird. Why am i constantly off track. Even the wisest see me as wack. My knowledge surpasses theirs, thats a fact. Adversary has the world on a hack. Im over here just tryin to bring us back. I dont know what to do to explain to you..Our moments in time are few. The aura of my faith blazes blue looking for my tribe, my crew to coincide all that has been tried. And attempt to hide. The law i abide after Jesus Christ died . So we never have to suffer. There will be no other! So wake up, brother! Take a stand. Be a purchased brand. Life will soon be grand. I’ll do whatever i can to make you understand… (repeat from beginning)


G7Disciple poetic justice

Walking thru the valley of the shadow of death 

We already know there ain’t too many like us left. Appointed, anointed, and chosen to be the official reps of the Word the truth we know in depth. Battling in warfare, nothing about our life has been fair, haters wanna talk and stare, yet our gangster they yet dare to test. Cause though it may appear we are less, we were divinely created by the best. Destined for success  and strong enough to clean up this mess. It’s surreal to us too, we will confess.
Time is on the go, the things we have been revealed… you don’t even bout much know
We are loved by Yahweh  more than every flake in Antarctica snow. Surrendered, filled with fire, today matters, and the future will be even radder. All we want to do is Higher yah is the plug and he is our supplier of everything we can imagine or even desire. We are nothing without faith and love with that could fill up every corner and space…Can’t wait to get back home to see his face.
Written on 12/11/16


There was a time when the Divine nature was not my state of Mind. 

You dont know where youre going til you know where you have been. 

Ill never speak again
Im belittled by my alleged friends
Dubbed minster spin , ironically truth my foes hend
Cause i remember who why where and when
And when i will neverdepend on a world..especially a fuck nigga based from and entertains the thought of sin
Charasmatic like a mother fucker, actually got me questioning who am i really within?
Hanging on a limb, the finest of all the gems
Facades got me feeling lost just like what really happened stone henge
Yall niggas can stand around and pretend,
Wasting time that isn’t even yours like babbling ass bitches
Living life on an whim, a road dark and grim
You playing in the devils den, clucking like a hen
Yes, im talking shit, ya mad? do something then
I aint sorry if this may hurt or offend you and your sorry ass trend but
Your truth aint the truth trying to send
Ill stand up and sit down so we can begin the end of the negligence to transcend
And thought capacity to possibly comprehend that my word game is proper, setting niggas off with my chopper.
Cold like Gucci, bitch brrr
No one could ever compete with her
I try to stay humble like Job from the Land of Ur
But i state facts, yes sir
 Youve won the battles but the war you will never win
Im broken, jaded, cursed, but chose to attend to the flaws of men an
Assignment to correct hearts that are on negative cataclysmic levels when my own has yet to mend
About the shit you put me in…things you still grin and laugh at time and time again
If i could just be me… best believe, i’m gone with the Wind and my universe agrees 10% is more than enough of a dividended
As God as my witness I’ll never go hungry again.
Im the next of a divine kin so
Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn
Recognize and respect who i truly am…
Far from a scam, more real than your likes on instagram, ill kick your teeth through your diaphragm, rob you like uncle sam-i have no mercy like soldiers in Vietnam
Which is why i question and evidently condensed my self- the virtues of the Great I am.
A woman of wisdom, i have risen, a decision
through my personal prison prism
Why don’t I write peaceful psalms or hymns
Representing occult realms?
Being gangster isnt a choice, but the final decision
Man has got me going ham cause I pray for iust one to understand, shit, can anyone just give me a hand?
I won’t  coensend with the law of the land, might as well declare me a permanent ban
I am worthy of being name brand and at the top of the chain of command
Foundation solid concrete and not zigguarts made of sand
This flow is wilder than the Tilban yet declaration of the silence of the lamb.


From both sides of the tracks. Knowledge is the least i lack.  im here to state the facts… something the world seems to have lost. Never fear the BoSS is here to let every ear can hear that the time is near. Best kick it in high gear. Im at the door that, I Christina Moore, is on this earth for to make sure no longer can they ignore that its time to rise the wise, Yah has heard our cries and know of the lies that tries to bring us to our demise. But i am awake for the sake to break all those that are fake and take control and play my role because i am a purchased soul and will help enfold a revival for those who walked the longest miles but still could smile could there is the no denial… the King that reigns is wild. and all each of us is his child. This aint survival, this is preparing for His arrival. Dope rhymes and words flowing like the Nile, backwards because it is Divine.  Yes, if you are reading this its a sign. And we all gonna be fine.