Unbreakable, unshakable, unstoppable faith

I am writing a book. Well, actually. We are writing a book. It is going to be a book about the most profound God moments anyone would like to share with anyone who decides to read this book. I know that we all arent word savvy and/or do not even know where to begin with their story so I decided to questionnaires to either jog those creative juices or maybe the questionnaire itself can be placed in the book.

I am trying to get this book done AND PUBLISHED by December 31st. I have been procrastinating like nobody’s business so it basically crunch time. I need to have some sort of material by Nov 1st. On Dec 1st hopefully we can finalize and submit and perhaps have a new york times best selling book, ya dig?

So one aspect of the matter I wanted to cover was spiritual gifts Spiritual gifts according 1 Corinthians 12:1, 4-11 list the gifts as following
-Gift of Wisdom -Gift of Knowledge -Gift of Faith -Gift of Healing -Gift of performing miracles -Gift of Prophecy -Gift of Discernment-Gift of Speaking in Tongues -Gift of Interpretation of Tongues

If you do not understand what any of these means, just ask. I could go on for days explaining this. lol

If anyone has any questions and/or ideas for the book. Drop a comment. If you want to be a part of this. Drop a comment. Message me directly. I have a facebook group where the other people who want to be a part of this is hanging out lol


-What is your Spiritual Gift(s)? How do you know?
-Have you used your gift effectively? If so, please testify. If not, why not?
-What do you believe God's ultimate plan is?
-What do you think God has planned for your life? (Give as much detail as you want/can so the reader can understand why you believe this.)
-Do you believe Jesus will return in our life time? Why or Why not?
*if answered yes, are you ready? what do you think will happen?
-If you had the ability to change the world, what would you do first?


Late/Early Epiphany

Calling all Tribe members, friends, foes, family, and everyone else I need your help! It has been placed on my heart that I should ask all those who listen and want to be part of something beyond the flesh to help me write a book. I do not have all the details because this post is the beginning of what I believe could potentially be one of the greatest works of literature of our lifetime.

Topics can be but not limited to: be what God means to you. Why you believe in God. Your best God moment. What puzzles you about God and what you’re doing about it. A crazy belief you have that you KNOW is the truth but everyone just doesnt know it yet. Make one up! But you get the picture!

If you want in, comment or DM me 🙂

An after thought of more ways to make $$$

Ok, so I am still thinking about my last blog I literally just posted about the free apps that you can make money… well I have a few more apps to share with yall that the app itself is free but you have to have money/income to benefit from them

Earnin is my shit. For real. you can borrow money from yourself. There is no interest or fee… you can tip but its not required. All you have to do is prove you have a job that gives you direct deposit and send them you’re schedule. They are pretty picky about this and I always have a hard time when I have to change something. I dont blame them though because God bless whoever created such amazingness that I can use money that is mine before I get it. When your paycheck drops, that’s when they take whatever you borrowed out of your account. Baller right?

Shop Your Way is actually connected with earnin and every time you borrow money you get 1,000 which equals $1.00 . It expires in a month from the day you recieve it though which blows unless you connect your accounts to it and it sees where you are shopping/buying from. Uber is my transportation so every ride I take I get $2 cash back. Those bucks add up because in one month I made almost $150!!! You can only use the money on the website which is a weird kmart and sears put together…but yo… I promise you can find something to get with your money.

I used to use ibotta but I will make an entire post about them later when I figure out something about my account because I am going to begin again there because I work for them now 🙂

And wanna know how I got it? Downloading all these apps I started to think who is the customer service I message when I have a problem? I googled it and lo And behold Ibotta is actually based out of Denver and hiring! In conclusion my excessive app issue led me to a blessing. Ain’t nothin’ but God.

Also it just came to me that this blog is my testimony of God and I dont think I’ve ever posted an entry that wasnt besides the last one but like I said…I was still thinking about it and I decided to share more which only allowed me to see how God works in mysterious ways, he has his hand on everything in my life somehow and that it is on me to figure this out.

It’s sad to say I am super tough on myself because I am not where I want to be in my life and I am unsure if I am doing the right thing or not because all I REALLY want to do is Gods will and love Him. I actually hate money. I hate not having more people in my life to share the awesomeness God gives me. I feel like I have so much to give this world but no one listens to me.


Well this took yet another turn. I gotta go to sleep yall. Ibotta duty at high noon +1

First person to comment what the heck I am talking about wins a prize. Baha

Apps you REALLY can make money using

Ok, so. I like to make easy money. Who doesnt right? If any one has seen my phone, then you have probably seen the 30 apps I have installed. I legit use all these apps because they give me money. How ? Well, lucky for you I will share 🙂

This is not in any particular order, but here are some apps I use regularly and have received actual income or an award for my time. No bullshit

Receipt Pal has got to be the easiest of all the apps because all you have to do is send in your receipt within 7 days of the purchase. There are different tiers of awards you can choose from like a gift card for a dinner and a movie or a $50 visa gift card. I went big and stayed home and redeemed my points for that fittyyy gift card. That was ballin’.

App Like is an app that suggests other apps for you to download and it gives you points according to how long you play them. I’ve been using it for years so I have made at least $100 from it. So if you play games on the regular and dont have this app. Well, you’re missing out on money.

Google Opinions shoot 3 or less question surveys about the places you visit within the past 24 hours. If you dont go anywhere, well you dont get a survey. It’s also a wise idea for you to have your location on. You can only use the money for the google play store, but I play Pokemon so this is the best for me because I dont have to use my own money to get the special stuff. I just save up here until I get enough to buy something 🙂

Panel App is like google opinions but with more options.

Pop! Slots, my Kanomi, and my Vegas all tie in to the same pot where you can accumlate tokens to redeem for real life prizes like comp rooms, food, and free play at casinos. Yes, I have tried it and have been able to have a getaway on the freeeeee.

Do you want a free bank account or savings account? Chime bank is the answer to that. Right now if you sign up using my referral code (christinamoore5) we both get $50. (you have to have at least one qualifying direct deposit). I got the account for the savings aspect and I am unsure how it works but every time I use it some sort of change go into my savings account. Its pretty dope to go check your money and you have more money in your savings account then your spending account and had no idea. How often does THAT happen to you?

Like trivia? Try out total trivia then. I stopped playing because I literally won every single thing they have to offer. If you sign up, be sure to tell em fleshandblood sent ya!

HeartbeatCo is an app where you can check out various campains held by up and coming businesses to try out or promote their products. You get paid to post about it on your social media accounts. It was kinda hard to get chosen at first, but once you get one campaign, they start rolling in! http://hrbt.io/join/1006217. The last campain I made 30 bucks. They reimbursed me for my product and loved my post. You get paid by the traffic that visits that particular post. It doesnt matter if you dont have alot of friends. If you have a few good friends that support you, then youre gucci gucci!

Right now I am working on this game called Prize Fiesta and Lucky Day. Prize Fiesta you can win a damn car. The game is stupid simple, its like candy crush meets super mario. I havent cashed out yet because you have to have $750 to do so ..or get into the prize cavern. (I have $420 and only been playing maybe 2 months)
Lucky Day is a scratch off game which I want to call bullshit in a way because I have been stuck on $8 for 2 months now and I can cash out at $10. I cant believe I havent accumlated 2 bucks! but you can win stuff via points too which I have millions of those. Again, I am trying to win the good shit. I have patience. Use my code 309r2ux and we both get 100,000 points!

And there you have it kids. This is why Christina has so many apps on her phone because I am out here making moves. Anyone know of any other apps that are pretty good for making money? until next time…

Use dscout to give your opinion, make stuff better and get rewarded.

Earn 170 by participating in the dscout opportunity: Tech Pulse Chicago (via @dscout) #scoutlife


Super cool survey app. It makes you think and participate. If you decide to make sure you mention Christina Moore sent you:)

On my 116 biz


I have been trying to network like crazy. No I haven’t made any money. No I haven’t found anybody to join acorn with me. But yes, I was retweeted and reposted today. I’ve been gaining more followers on Mirakee and Lyf which both are super cool apps but legit no one I know has them. Why is it so hard to be successful and do what I want to do. Money. People having boring interests lol

Anywho. #bloglife

When things add up for you. Literally

Ever since I could remember, I have been absolutely terrible at math. It’s too hard and just never clicked in my head. But I do love to read..God I love to read and write. About 3 years ago I grew bored with reading and had a random thought that maybe numbers meant something. This thought wasn’t completely abstract because about 2 years before that, the last time I tripped on acid for a good part of that trip I saw numbers all around me. I could move them and mix them. It was insane. I didn’t understand what it meant at the time but now I do… everything adds up. It may not add up according to your life and will, but in the end your numbers add into the bigger picture.
Ever wonder how and why horoscopes are made? And usually you relate (if you dont you may either be born on a cusp or which ever horoscope you read was written in error ) numbers .
Ever wonder how psychics are real (if you think they are not, guess again) ? Numbers…. sometimes… that’s a different post… but willing to bet the psychic is aware of the power of numbers .
Before I researched anything I decided to write out what the numbers would mean if anything at all. When I got to #9 I felt like that was it…even though I believe several other numbers like 12,19 33,40, 47, 74,77, 360, 720, and 144000 have significance too (they do) but 1 thru 9 is the key.

No, literally its the key.

I researched what I got and yall… I was right.


I surprise myself sometimes with the things I think of and or create. This can’t be normal how deeply and profoundly I think about stuff.

And that day was the day I started to go all the way crazy 😆😂 I kid about it, but now that I have been enlightened by such ancient esoteric knowledge what should I do with it? I only can see like every thing and anything I want I guess. A friend said “if you look hard enough you will find what you are seeking” true. But this shit right here has yet to fail me or anyone else I have done a reading for. I am at 100% at being able to read numbers efficiently.

Of course I tested myself and made sure I knew what I was taking about because I represent truth and I am here to shut the fakes, false, and negative away. Not cater to it.

So on that note, let me read your numbers !!! I do it free of charge but the person I read for usually ends up giving me a gift or donation because they know I am in a constant cycle of financial instability… but not forever.. the time has come I stop being a broke 30 year old college graduate with real work ethic.

If you wanna chance me and donate before , I will immediately do your reading and get it to you within 12 hours unless otherwise stated by me. My husband started a fund for me and the goal is a $1. I haven’t made my goal yet. Will you chance $1 and your time to get the answers and clarity your soul yearns for? I got your back.